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27 August 2010

Cool Poster on Breast Cancer

One striking poster that tickles the mind while informing it. Poster from the Breast Cancer Foundation.

08 August 2010

Worth the visit: Stuff No One Told Me

The internet is a vast source of information materials. Be it design, color trends, nonsense information or even worthless materials, the internet is a good resource.

But one thing I would like to recommend is Stuff No One Told Me, a blog by Alex Noriega. Noriega is an illustrator from Barcelona and creates really nice drawings about life and, like what the title suggests, no one told you about.

Seems like his pages are addictive.

02 August 2010

Reliving Memories: Designing for BNHS Batch T-Shirt Logo

The Bohol National High School Batch 1985 recently had their 25th Silver Reunion. What they wanted was a logo to be used in their t-shirts and other promo materials with a specific request that the old Bohol National High School school logo be used.

After several deliberations, we came up with an enhanced school logo and I added up a ribbon forming a half-circle to give emphasis on their silver jubilee celebrations. The 25 was superimposed along with their theme- Solid as ever, 25 years later.

The design was simple and struck a note of familiarity with the alumni.

The original BNHS school logo (above)

The logo design for BNHS Batch 1985 Silver Jubilee reunion

Male and Female Shirts with the reunion logo