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03 June 2011

Client from Hell Series: Freeloader
Just because I am a FREELANCE graphic designer does not mean my services are free!

Client: I want you to design my logo. I want it simple but elegant just like (insert company here).

Me: No problem sir. Here are my rates for logos.

Client: *Silent mode* since three years ago.

Client from Hell Series: Undecided
I have this American client I dropped from my list as a possible big-time king because of mere American stupidity.

His wife asked me to give their brochure a new look. They were suppliers of big machines for sugar in Asia and Africa with some clients in Latin America. They were recommended by a printer who lacked designers at that time.

After several meetings, I decided to make 3 studies and presented them to the wife. The wife suggested I conjoined 2 studies. We revised them several times, like five times!

In the end, they wanted me to copy their original brochure up to the stretched and pixelized photos.

When I gave them my billing statement, the wife won't have it because I was merely copying their original design.

I fumed. The intervention from the printer and a friend finally produced the payments.