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16 May 2013

Birthday Tarp for a Biker

One of the hardest design to make is for friends you knew well. When Atit asked me to design Mimi's birthday invites for their biker friends, I find it hard to make a good one.

But knowing bikers want mileage, especially those who are serious types, we came up with the idea of putting Mimi's (Atit's husband) picture in a ruler not to measure his age but to give emphasis that the ruler is still that long.

Hence this-

Poster for DALAREICH TABLEYA at the IFEX 2013

In time for the International Food Exhibition (IFEX) Philippines, Dalareich Tableya asked me to design her promo materials as part of the requirements of her participation. Here I made a poster with a hint of emphasis on the Chocolate Hills, Bohol's leading icon, as a reminder that Dalareich Tableya came from Bohol.

This poster design was also used as her flyers during the said event.

IFEX is still ongoing until 19th May 2013 at the SMX Convention Center. Please support our local products. Visit and purchase Philippine-made products.