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17 October 2011

Baptisms, Birthdays

I am quite amazed at how people's creativity could drive me to some creative ride. For example, this invitation for a baptismal of a relative's first son. The mother informed me that she wanted black, red and white on the invitation because those colors attract children under one year old. So I made them an invitation with bold colors of red and black with the footprint of their son superimposed on his name. Informative!

Another one is a goddaughter of mine who will be celebrating her first birthday this weekend. Her mother is fan of the camera so her daughter's behavior towards the camera is quite interesting, if not amusing. Whenever someone would bring out a cam, this little princess would stop and try to make a pose. Here, mom chooses her fave shots.

Oh, kids.

My Idol!

I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity. ~Edgar Allan Poe

17 July 2011

Poster design for the Sandugo Trade Expo

After several conceptualizations, we finally agree on the one with a symbol of the world with several protrusions and different products at the top of them. Since the theme is about greening business, we see this as a good start by the different micro-entrepreneurs to make their business ecologically-sound and therefore win the international markets.

The Sandugo Trade Expo 2011 will open on July 20, 2011 at the Island City Mall in Tagbilaran. The expo will feature products from Region 7 (Bohol, Cebu, Negros Oriental and Siquijor) including wovens and food. The show will end on July 24th.

Some products that will be on display there:

03 June 2011

Client from Hell Series: Freeloader
Just because I am a FREELANCE graphic designer does not mean my services are free!

Client: I want you to design my logo. I want it simple but elegant just like (insert company here).

Me: No problem sir. Here are my rates for logos.

Client: *Silent mode* since three years ago.

Client from Hell Series: Undecided
I have this American client I dropped from my list as a possible big-time king because of mere American stupidity.

His wife asked me to give their brochure a new look. They were suppliers of big machines for sugar in Asia and Africa with some clients in Latin America. They were recommended by a printer who lacked designers at that time.

After several meetings, I decided to make 3 studies and presented them to the wife. The wife suggested I conjoined 2 studies. We revised them several times, like five times!

In the end, they wanted me to copy their original brochure up to the stretched and pixelized photos.

When I gave them my billing statement, the wife won't have it because I was merely copying their original design.

I fumed. The intervention from the printer and a friend finally produced the payments.

18 February 2011

Designers and other enthusiasts: here is your color guide

I found this one at and I think this is very helpful for those people whose job includes color matching.

The Psychology of Color by Tech King

21 January 2011

I am extremely jealous!

Seeing these typographic portraits made me salivate in jealousy. I am posting my favorites here- Bob Marley's and a very apt poster about pressure on designers.

 If I have the time I shall make my own. You want? There is a tutorial at this site:'s 35 Awesome Typographic Portraits.


17 January 2011

Sharing is fun: If someone owns it, acknowledge them

If you got it from other sources other than yours- acknowledge. This is a very basic etiquette for bloggers and artists alike. It will save you from shame and perhaps legal problems later on.

This graphics is very helpful-

Of course this was grabbed from Rosscott, Inc .