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29 September 2010

Photo shoot in Siquijor

While most photographers spent time retouching their photos to give the best results, mine are in raw form to let you view the subject in its virgin state. No Photoshop. No other alterations. What I see thru the lens is what you have here.

This is Siquijor.

16 September 2010

Designing DTI Info Boards

These are the approved info boards I designed for DTI during their Regional Trade Fair & Exhibit last July 2010.

15 September 2010

Logo Design: Batuan Light Bringers

Batuan Light Bringers is an advocacy group aimed at educating and raising awareness among the people of Batuan on the field of politics, economics and culture. For a small town like Batuan in Bohol, this group's intentions could spell disaster. To shun this scenario, the group's promise of a better world is graphically rendered in the version of a light in floral patterns but still pushing change as pictured in a hand groping the torch.

They asked for two versions of this study and hopefully will approve one. This is gratis.

03 September 2010

Designing for Stephanie

Stephanie, the niece of my very good friend has panicked because her debut is fast approaching and she has not sent out her invites yet. My friend asked me to design a simple yet elegant invite that would fit to her wish for a Vintage Glam theme.

So I made this invitations and other materials for Stephanie.

The invitation (front)

The invitation (back)

The gate pass

The give-away card

The message board for guests to sign