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13 July 2010

Designing for DTI Info Boards

Someone told me that my designs are linear and clean, way out of my troubled thinking. Maybe because my designs are a wish for myself- clean, crisp and without too much clutter.

That is why when our DTI Director asked me to design an information board where they could share to the public the programs and activities the agency are doing, I made a study that is clean and readable.

I hope they will approve my design. All four of my designs were approved and I will post them soon.

06 July 2010

Designing the Sandugo Trade Fair Poster

I have done three designs already for the yearly Sandugo Trade Fair initiated by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) starting from 2008.

Since DTI is a government entity, time element and budget are almost always the critical factors that sometimes hinders me in making the designs. More often, they will just give me a week or two to do my stuff with very limited resources including pictures, copy and anything financial. Sometimes, I have to design more, gratis.

This year, I have made six studies so far only to be rejected because they could not see my "artistic ability" on them. Meaning, my works lack character and vibes. Maybe because I was moving house and has not settled in yet and problems regarding piracy in the office has kept us all designers in a limbo.

After a brief "scold" from the DTI Director, they finally agreed on the seventh study I made overnight.

Just making all the samples made me sleep only two hours (the most) a day for three days..

Meanwhile, these were the materials I designed for Sandugo Regional OTOP Trade Fair (2009). I searched the designs I did in 2008 but to my dismay I could no longer find them.