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26 June 2010

Welcome to my design world

This would be my first entry and my first blog about the designing community I am in.

For so many years, I have copied designs, stolen some, re-designed others or made my own and have been praised and attacked by clients. Scarred. Battered. I became a triumphant survivor!

Working in the design world is a tough act. You have to fight off so many entities just to prove your point. And sometimes you retreat like a defeated warrior because clients insisted that I do what they thought was good for them, but deep inside I know it won't work, only to be blamed later when the final output is printed out.

I spent a lot of sleepless nights just to finish projects. I traveled. I got friends and enemies. I became a beggar because there were no clients around. I became a one day millionaire. I lost. I won.

That only means one thing- the design world is an exciting world.

I believe this time is the right time to share my designs with you.